my name is Senad Dizdarevic. That is the name that karmicons gave to my incarnant for one of his 18 incarnations roles. Your names are also not your names. They are names of your incarnants for this life. In the future, we will choose new names which will be ours.

I am a journalist. I worked as a copywriter in several advertising agencies and after that as a freelancer. That was also meant for my incarnant Fedja, but I like it:)

My role in this cosmos is to reveal the Truth about the Existence and Pure Awareness and to unmask false, harmful, destructive and deadly Creator Absorbic Karmicons system and to end it.

Lucid dreaming

I am the author of a new model of simultane and natural way of life in which we are all real, original and sovereign beings. We are wonderful Beings of Pure Awareness and we are all equal, equivalent and sovereign. In the new model, we live in peace, friendship, and love, forever.

I am a Friend to Palkies for five years. I am also a planetary mentor for awakening and development of the planet. After the ascension, Sanja and I will become planetary logos.

With my girlfriend Sanja, her mother Katerina and our fantastic team Medvee z mami and our space friends we ended the Karmicons system on planet Palki.

With the book Letters to Palkies, we are starting the awakening of planet Earth. We will end here the karmicons system, too, so all Earthlings will live a wonderful life.

Read more about our actions in the book Letters to Palkies.

All the best for all.