Dear dreamers,

here you will learn the basics of lucid dreaming so you will find information about your incarnant in your dreams, his name, his age, his profession and on which planet he lives.

Besides searching for your incarnant you will have a lot of other interesting adventures in lucid dreams as well.

Dreaming means that during the sleep we leave the physical body with our energy body and fly to a dream world. In this world that is of higher dimension, everything differs greatly from our wake world.

Lucid dreaming

The dream world is not stable and is changing a lot. We can do things there that are impossible on our planet. We can fly, jump to buildings, fly through glass windows, walk through walls, and change our appearance, etc.

It is important for awakening ones that you know that you can use dreams to get information about your incarnant so you will know that we really live in the karmicons system. What exactly that means read in my book Letters to Palkies.

Here are some parts from the book from chapter On the wings of dreams with which you can learn the basics of lucid dreaming.

“Dreaming means that during the sleep we leave the physical body with our energy body and fly to a dream world. Dreams are real. The dream world is real, too. Earthlings and people from other planets go in that world every night. Some beings are living there, some of them for millions of years.”

“Don Juan has told to Carlos Castaneda that once you find your hands you have to stabilize the dream picture. When you find your hands the fingers bend, changing and disappearing. To stabilize the dreams, you choose four objects. Then you slowly go from one object to another and back to hands. From the bench to a streetlight to a house to a tree and back to your hands.”

“With steady practice, you will find your hands in a week. In one month you will be a lucid dreamer. In this time you can find out some information about your incarnant so you know that I am telling you the truth.

Before sleep set an intention and repeat it five to ten times. When you meet people in dreams ask them: »What is my name here?. Then keep asking them in the third person. »What is his or her surname?«. »How old is he or her?« »What is he or her doing?« »Where is he or her living?« »Is he or she married?« »Does he or she have kids?« And a very important question: «How long is his or her incarnation this time, when will he or she come home?

All the incarnants get info before incarnation. Where they go, gender info, what they gonna do there and how long they will live.

My incarnant’s name is Fedja Mironovic, journalist and musician. They set him to live for 78 years. Sanja, my girlfriend and my friend Jac, both from Palki, both knew Fedja before, confirmed that.

All, that you will find out about your incarnant, write in your dreams journal.”

I created a special group for lucid dreamers where you can post your dream experiences with searching and finding information about your incarnants.

Read more about lucid dreaming and my dream adventures in the book Letters to Palkies.

I wish you a lot of interesting dreams.

All the best for all.