In the series of 12 articles, I will present you The Karmicons Evil organization (carmic-cons), the aggressor that is behind the poverty, illness, violence and suffering on the planet Palki and Earth, too.

Here is the first article, 1/12:

May 6, 2019

The Karmicons Series (1/12)

“Why we all have to die so nobody could live?

Palki is karmicons planet prison


Karma is supposed to be the consequence of so-called bad and good actions. For the bad bad, for the good good. In fact, karma, bad and good in for us bad karma, very very bad.

Karma is not justice and is not just. Karma is not some non-personal force, which is balancing bad and good energy. Karmic organization use karma as a tool for controlling galaxies, solar systems, and rules all the life on the planets. They are crime gang that is falsely presenting them as »spiritual school«.

Karmicons are manipulators, liars, and sadists who enjoy abusing and torturing other beings.



In the beginning, there was no beginning

Existence, All That Is was never created and will never disappear. Besides that basic fact, we have two explanations about the Existence, one of them is calling it Creation.

The consequential model claims that all is happening one after another. First, there was Absolute Nothing. From Nothing, the Creator created himself and his beard, then Life, then Absolute Awareness, then Energy and with it all worlds and beings.

That’s not true because it’s not possible to create something from nothing and from nothing something, as well. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. Same goes for Life and Awareness.

Consequential model is not true because it’s not possible. All is happening at the same time. We have limited awareness so we think things are happening one after another. With limited awareness, we are watching the moving movie that is composed of still pictures, scene after scene.

With Wide Awareness, we can see the whole Movie at the same time. In both cases, the movie is already completely filmed. doesn’t matter what kind of awareness we have the movie is already there and it has an end, too. There is no movie we would start to watch while the movie team would be still filming and running not to be caught by the audience.

The same applies to the Movie of the whole Existence. All is already present and happening now, but we are not aware of it because we have limited awareness. Whole Energy already exists and is eternal. Life and Pure Awareness are eternal, too. They were never created and they will never be destroyed. They are from ever to forever.

What is Awareness? Is it the Tao, the one that can not be described? Awareness can be also Tao, and I can easily describe it. Pure Awareness is our personal Beingness, and it is Awareness we Are, that we Exist and that we live. We are Aware beings, beings that are aware that we are aware of. Absolute Awareness is collective Beingness, collective Awareness of all beings. Not in god, in Awareness, we are all One. Beingness is one and whole, so simple it is. If we can not describe it, it’s not Awareness.

The basic characteristics of Beingness or Pure Awareness are perfect Peace, Oneness and Wholeness, Transparency, Tenderness, and Benevolence. From these are coming other useful characteristics as Love. With bending and perverting those natural characteristics they turn to their opposites and become harmful and deadly such as fear, manipulation, lying, and violence. Evil.

Beingness, Pure Awareness is our Essence, our primal and real nature. We are Being and we have and wearing body for moving and acting. The mind is our second tool for thinking.

It’s funny that our Beingness, our personal and collective Pure Awareness is their Unawareness. They are not aware of the Awareness and they don’t know who they really are. They live on the surface and are completely submerged into the attention that is non-stop jumping from object to object.

The caveman was his body. He thought with the wooden stick that was his mind. A thinking man thought he is, so he was. Aware man is Aware Being, he is aware that is aware.”

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (2/12)


Dear friends,

here is the second part of the Karmicons Series.

You can expect that they will try to sabotage your reading because they don’t want that people know, who is heinously torturing and abusing them. You will notice their attempts as intruding thoughts:« You don’t need it. This is not true. We don’t even exist:) Go to a pub and drink, reading is a waste of time.« etc.

They can try to scare you off, but don’t give up! Don’t allow them or anybody to stop you from knowing the truth about the karmicons villains and your Wonderfulness.

Here you go.

Unwakened people think they are human, Slovene, managers, and everything other than what they really are. It is incredible that we can even live without knowing who we really are. Humans are a kind of beings, Slovene is a kind of national roles, managers are a kind of roles, too, but we all are first Beings of Pure Awareness and only then everything else.

Awakened know that and we are living as actors who play roles. Unawakened are just roles that think they are actors who play roles:) 

Without Pure Awareness as our Essence and Beingness, we are just empty bags thinking and greasy meat, just zombies that are biting into the Life. 

Life is a chili 

We all know that facts are facts and explanations are explanations. For every fact, there are hundreds of explanations, but they don’t change the fact that the fact is the fact. Such Fact is Existence. Existence exists. And it exists no matter explanations and even without them.

There are over 1.000 religions on Earth alone and each of them has its own Explanation of Everything. Science has its own, too. There are many theories, myths, and stories about how the World happened. And then there are explanations about the meaning of Life. 

So, Life is everything else except Life. 

Some say is a school. There are Teachers and pupil. Teachers are smart, strong and competent, pupils are stupid, weak and incompetent. Teachers are teaching pupils how to live right. If they are good, they reward them, if they are naughty they punish them. When pupils finish school, they will know how to live. 


Life is a Test claim that there are Testers and specimens. Testers are good, specimens are bad, so they have to test them. They have to prove through the series of tests they are good. The good one will live, they will discard the bad one. First will become new Testers that will test new bad specimens.

Some say Life is War. In this kind of Life, there are Commanders and soldiers. Commanders command and soldier kill. Who kill more enemies, wins. Who loses is a loser. Winners are good, losers are bad. Who wins takes all, who loses, lose everything. 

Then we have Life as Business, Service, Duty, Competition, Mission, Experiment, Prison and Correctional Facility.

And of course, Suffering, as Buda said. He was the one that was actively spreading karmicons explanation of Life. A false explanation, of course.

»Life is a chili, red or yellow, short but hot!« That was the life of The Buldozers, Slovene rock group, back in their days of days. 

And Life for all that have given up on him, Life is an illusion. There is nothing, you are just imagining that there is something. You don’t exist, too; you are just imagining yourself:) 

All those explanations are false and are true violence upon Life. In truth, Life is Life. Single beings are living our own personal lives, all lives together are Life. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (3/12)


Dear friends,

in the third part of the Karmicons series you will find out why your life is also so hard. Incredible, but the karmicons liars are claiming that they teach, train and lead us to become heroes:)

The truth is that they are heinously torturing us as some people are molesting dogs in China. They say that after the torment they are more tasteful…

Even the Jesus, who is to the believers that are programmed by karmicons very tasteful, they call him »sweet Jesus«, was only the actor in the karmicons tragedy for torturing people.

The karmicons wrote all scripts for Jesus and his believers but they are blaming sinful believers for his death. They believe it and suffer:)

You can read more about the religions as machines for enstupiding, subordinating and humiliating people in my book Letters to Palkies.

Here is the third part, fresh and ready:

Consequential model of Life has two parts, now and after, same as karmicons cause and consequence. This model says now is not good, now is bad. Even worst, it has to be bad now so can be good later:)

We have to change bad and improve it into the good. And when bad is good, it’s not good enough, so we have to grind more, higher, faster, stronger. Karmicons consequential man is always bad because he can never be good. 

Consequential Life is hard, harder, better. People are bad so they have to prove their goodness through the series of hard tests. Life must hurt. Through Martyrdom to Heroism. We have to suffer here so we will enjoy in heaven. Jesus showed how hard is to become a real man. 

There is One Father and one Son. There must be only one. On the cross, there is a place just for one, says Božo, a visitor from another planet and a good friend.

That special, honorable and sacred place belongs only to Jesus, Martyr, Hero. All other place is at his feet. They can only watch him upward and that look, full of guilt, will always separate them from their Ideal Man-God, Son of the Father and the holy spirit, amen.  

In the consequential model live Important and Poor people. Important wants to become even more Important. Some Poor want to become Important, too, but first, are blocking them or they are charging them a lot:)  

True Poor want to stay Poor, but Important is not allowing them and they are all them time spoiling them with some kind of help and supports:) The true Poor want to be left alone, suffer and complain how hard it is.  

Consequentiality is the base for Karmicons hierarchical system in which are First that talk, what is Life and second that have to accept that explanation or they are punished.  

Simultane explanation of Life is very simple. Life is Life. And Life is eternal. There is nothing after Existence and after Life is also nothing. The meaning of Life is not in preparation, training, exercising for something that will be later, somewhere else and better, but to live it here and now as well, as already good.  

Preparation, learning, and training is already life and a good one. We are good now, as pupils, too. Teachers, instructors, and trainers are not our owners, but only assistants. They suggest, we decide.  

Nobody is Owner, Master or Commander of anybody. We are all free beings. The meaning of Life is not to serve one another, but to live our lives without harming each other.

We are all Beings of Pure Awareness. We are all equivalent, equal and we have the right to be sovereign.

We are subjects and not objects.  

The Karmicons system presents all above lies about Life. This Evil system is based on a false consequential model of Existence and is manipulative, harmful and deadly for all, even for itself.  

With the transition to real simultaneous model, we abandon all false explanations of Life, too. We end the Karmicons system and live naturally and freely. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (4/12)


Dear friends,

here is the truth about the Existence, simultaneity, and karmicons lies about the »Creator« and gods.

In consequentiality we die, in simultaneity we live  

Let’s see what’s the difference between the two models for humans. The consequential model claims, that there is one first, primer and central being, so-called Creator or god, who decides about everything. Around him are peripheral beings or just his parts, legs or tools that are executing his commands or »poetic« »his will«.  

In the simultaneous model, we are all equivalent and as subjects; we have all right to be sovereign. We can decide how we want to live, without harming others, that right doesn’t exist.

We are all singular and original expressions of Life. We are not just parts of other beings or »Being«. We are real and independent beings and we have our own personal identity that differentiates us from others.

We are connected in many ways, but we are still singular and original. 

Karmicons explanation of Life that is founded on a consequential, causal-consequential misunderstanding of Life is the lowest possible theory. For their system to work they need 50% of Good and 50% of Evil. To keep that ratio they have to create and maintain enough of Evil.

Karmicons are sadists and they very much enjoy their bloody math.  

Awakened, Aware and Loving being doesn’t need Evil* for his life. Life of Aware is not in out nor in the balance, because he doesn’t need the idea of the balance. Pure Awareness is perfect as It Is. There is no need to put it in balance. Even if you would want it, you can’t, because is impossible.  

*Evil unites all singular and small evils.  

Karmicons system is false, impossible, and it’s a scam. it’s false because everything is happening at the same time. It’s impossible because there is no way to 100% balance all experiences. No one can digitally precise measure and balance them. That’s why the Karmicons system is arbitrary.  

Karmicons that are deciding about karma are very subjective. In the same matter, they will do one thing today and another tomorrow. Karma is not something exact but is exotic, they add it wipe it, transfer from one to another and replace bad with the good. 

The Karmicons system is a scam in which first persons must take responsibility for the actions of another person. John has to go to prison because the acts Jack did thousands of years ago on some far, far planet. And they even don’t know each other.  

In fact, there are no »previous« nor »future« lives, all lives are living at the same time. Each of us has only one life. The question is: how long it is? There is a possibility to have a long sleep in between:)

The best news is that is possible to revive all that ever lived and were switched off after their deaths.  

A system that doesn’t work well for all members will collapse, sooner or later. The Karmicons system is already breaking because the most of 99.9% doesn’t want to live in this combination of lies, deceits, and violence. The Karmicons dictatorial system will fall from within.  

We as human and incarnants as well are forced to take part in this horror show as we are not voluntary members of this criminal organization. We have none agreements or contracts with them. Regardless they pose as we are their objects. Let’s do the referendum:)  

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (5/12)


Dear friends,

today I am presenting you false karmicons teachers who pretend that they teach us Good with Evil. They are not teachers they are torturers. Planets are not schools but prisons.

Karmicons are lying that cosmos is unbalanced because of the Evil which in fact they themselves are producing. They claim that they take care of the balance between Good and Evil. That’s how they heinously enforce the Evil as something normal, necessary, useful and even urgent for our lives.

We are Beings of Pure Awareness in which there is no sign of Evil. That is our Truth. Evil is not natural, is not necessary and is very harmful and deadful.

Luck us we are now closing this Evil lesson for good and Good forever.


Karma porn: »The hosts are here for the enjoyment of the visitors.« (Westworld, TV series, 2016) 

There is no Teacher without a pupil, no Guru without a follower and no Master without a slave.

One can say that he is Teacher, Guru or Master but can’t play the role without a pupil, a follower or a slave. Karmicons need actors that will play their game. The call it »school« and lie again. 

The Inquisitors were falsely presenting themselves as the law system. In fact, there were just common sadists torturing people. Karmicons, Inquisitors and sadists, all the same, are violent because of their personal need to torture.

They masked this perverted need into the karmic theory about the necessary balance between Evil and Good.  

Even the greatest empires start with one person, his ideas, wishes, and needs. First, karmicon felt the need for violence upon others. Violence itself is too banal, so he masked it into the »School«. Hi institutionalized his own need for violence and »legalize« it as »Spiritual School«. He presented it as the only right spiritual way and personal progress.

Some fall to his scam and allowed him he can, in the name of the false progress, sadistically torture them, too.  

Karmicons formula of Good and Evil  

One of the basics ideas of the Karmicons system is that cosmos is out of balance and they have to balance it. Cosmos is bad, and they must improve it. They are improving it by increasing the quantity of Evil to a minimum of 50%. if it’s only Good, it’s not good. Only when there is half of Everything Evil, it’s good. They put Good and Evil together and on the scale, 50:50, fifty-fifty. Only then the World is good. 

People are also bad and out of balance because as natural they are not enough Evil. They improve bad people with forced incarnations in which they will do Evil:) Only then they will be good.  

That is the same approach that so-called psycho »professionalists« use in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. They are just »healing«, but they never heal the so-called mentally ill.  

They claim that late are in chemical unbalance so they are giving them psycho drugs. When they are properly drugged they are »normal«. They balance unbalanced with drugging them.  

That’s just a common scam as drugging is not healing. They just harm them more and throw them even more from the in-balance. First, they were only in »chemical imbalance«. Second, they drug them. After that they are twice out-balanced:)  

»Psycho professionals« are the same as karmicons.

They don’t care for our development; they are just after violence and feeding of the negative energy. Pharmaceutical companies are capitalistic and profit-oriented organizations. They are »progressing« their profit and not health.  

They are sellers and not healers.

They like to scare »mentally ill« that they must take drugs regularly and in large quantities till the end of their lives. They are legal dealers and this was they get a customer for life. One of their favorite sayings is: »We will have to increase the dose.«. 🙂 

If they want to realize yearly financial plan and rise the profit by 10%, they have to increase the doses. The bills for legal drugs will pay the insurance companies:)  

Karmicons are doing the same thing. First, they poison incarnants with Evil in first life and then they falsely and forcefully »heal« them with another Evil in another life when they have to repay bad karma. Natural people are bad and ill for kamicons. Only when they forcefully impregnate them with Evil in every possible way they become »good« and »healthy«. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (6/12)


Dear friends,

one of the biggest karmicons, lies is that Evil is Good, necessary, useful and mandatory for our progress. They need Evil because they feed with negative energy so they praise Evil.

Don’t be naive. Good is Good and Evil is Evil. There is nothing Good in Evil is nothing Evil in Good. Evil is Evil, unnecessary, harmful and deadful. Karmicons heinously forced us to be partial and shortly bad so they can abuse us.

Wake up, release all harmful behaviors and be what you really are: Wonderful Beings of Love and Wisdom. 100% Good and 0% Evil.

The 6. part is here:


Existence is not in a balance of Good and Evil. Just to say is in balance is nonsense. To say is not is absurd. Existence is a closed system, and it has a permanent configuration of All That Is. The configuration is as it is. All is already as It Is. Existence is not bad and it doesn’t need reparation.  

There is very little Evil in Existence. Most of it is Absolute Awareness and Energy, then Love in different and singular expressions, and after the long and wide nothing there is at the bottom Evil and it’s singular and small evils.  

All that are praising Evil they need it for themselves.

They are destroyers and they are possessed and addicted to Evil. Evil is their anti-beingness, their feeling of personal core and identity. They need Evil the same as drunks alcohol and drug users drugs to get stoned.  

They are not aware of Awareness and they are empty. Only when they are stoned, they feel something concrete in their selves. Evil beings need Evil in any form so he can feel »normal«. He needs to do mental, emotional or physical violence, better all of them, it will scream and hurt more.  

That’s why karmicons say life must be hard, it must hurt. They are drugging themselves with the suffering of other people. They are filling their void with their pain. that’s why they are full of Evil and Bad. They feel strong when they torture others. Natural power is beneficial to all. They abuse power and turn it to violence.  

When they beat somebody, they squeeze their muscles and think they are strong. Milutin, one visitor from other planets, who is long gone home, said to one of the karmicons: »Do you think you are strong if you are violent?«. 

I often remember that when I see the dog owners wildly pulling the collars and literally lifting the dogs in the air. Their biceps squeeze and they feel the power. Otherwise, they are weak and they like to pull the rope so they can feel more powerful. They enjoy it as they have the feeling they control the dog. That’s why they bought it:)

That is the position of the controller, the chain must be always tight and the slave must be on the short leash. So that is clear who is the Boss. And who is the »dog«. 

Satan is personalized Evil and theirs anti-god they worship and pray. Their »creativity« is destruction.

They are always on the second spot as they must first wait that creators create something so they can then destroy it. The destroyers completely depend on the creators. 

The only thing that they »create« is constructing more ways of Evil, harming, torturing, destroying and killing.  

So-called karmicons Good is not the real Good. It is present only for the contrast to Evil so that late one hurts more. So the »good« karma is here just that bad one looks better. 

If Evil would be important for Existence, there would be much more of it, at least as much as Good, but is not.

If Evil would be so special and precious as the karmicons are claiming, there would be the most of it in Existence. But is not. In that case, the Absolute Awareness would be Evil, too, but is not. Also, Energy would be Evil, at least half of It, but is not.  

Karmicons need Evil for them personally so they constructed a story of scale. For them, the ideal ratio between Good and Evil is 50:50, fifty-fifty, black-and-white, yin-yang. In fact, there is over 99.9999% of Good and only 0.0000000 and so on 1.  

Because karmicons sadists didn’t like the natural ratio, they invented their own formula. There have to be at least 50% of Evil and 50% of Good, but just as collateral of the Evil. In fact, 50% of »Good« is just a mask for 100% of Evil. 

To reach their perfect balance, they increased the amount of Evil and they are still increasing it to reach their false, dark and bloody 50% of Evil. With that, they are glorifying it and taking care is at least 50% of it. Rather more, way more.

They will use that as the false fact that the »balance« is necessary. One visitor from karmicons prison on planet Brot said, that they told them that: »Evil must be evenly distributed.«. Or simply, Evil must be everywhere.  

Their perfect balance is that they are on one side and we are on the other side of scale suffering. On the one side is Evil and on the other side is Bad. Not only 50:50 but 50+50 and 100% of Evil. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (7/12)


Dear friends, today you will see how the karmicons are forcing Evil in our lives under the disguise of spiritual school.

Don’t be naive and fall for such stupidity. Be Good.


The karmicons are really not interested in Good; they care that there is always enough of Evil. So-called balancing of Good and Evil means there is at least the same amount of Evil as it is of Good.

There is enough Good and a lot of more than Evil in the world so they work mostly with Evil. And they enjoy it very much. It is their precious substance and their personal essence.  

Their ideal »Good« or »Positive« or »Ideal« person (partnership, family, organization) is half Evil half Good. That means that karmicons, too, must be always in »balance« and at least half Evil. And they are. And even more than just 50%. They are 100% Evil. 

Karmicons law which is simply an eye-for-an-eye principle, presented by two yin-yang eyes, is the most primitive, limited way of managing relationships. It is just common (blood and bloody) revenge.

The Karmic system it’s institutionalized, legalized falsely »legitimized« Evil as something Good. This system is by executing an eye-for-an-eye practice non-stop producing bad karma and bigger Evil itself.  

In the false »Spiritual School« they teach or better enstupid that Evil is equal to Good, that there is the same amount of both and the two are equally important.

Truth is that all experiences have the same value. Their importance is different for every person depending on their use for their goals.  

Evil is not the same as Good because there would be the same amount as of Good but it isn’t. 

In simultaneity, all is happening at the same time, so there is no previous and future lives. It is perfectly clear that there is no good or bad karma, too. Karma is a lie, and they constructed it for manipulations and abuses. Karma is their tool for sadistically torturing others. They enjoy even more when people in ignorance accept their game and even try to please them and become better:) 

Karma is Evil 

First, and in the natural state all beings were good, with no karma or with »good karma«. The good ones aren’t good for karmicons so they judge their goodness as half, bad and they add them bad karma for »balance«. First karma is constructed, bureaucratic and arbitrary Evil. 

Naturally good people are imbalanced for karmicons so they »balance« them with bad karma. Or they see them neutral and they artificially give them »good« and »bad karma«.  

First, artificial and forced added karma means they force them to go to incarnations and do Evil. Incarnants that are murdering others are karmicons professional killers. They abuse naturally good people and force them to enact their perverted fantasies. They pervert them and make them bad and Evil because they want them to be the same as them.  

Karma itself is so-called primal Sin and primal Evil.  

When they spoil the naturals with the first karma they become karmicons debtors. Adding and enforcing karma is artificial and arbitrary. Karmic endebting is, in fact, adding, structuring and subordinating new members. It is the same tactics as economic subordinating, abusing and enslaving people with credits which is the regular practice of banksters.  

First karma is a false credit you have to repay. Karmic debt is a debt to karmicons. It is the duty to obey and serve the Lords of karma. It is interesting that karmicons with adding the first and all bad karma and forcing others into the Evil are adding bad karma to them, too. Except that their rules are not for themselves, they are karma free. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (8/12)


Dear friends and »schoolmates«,

for the karmicons we are so bad that we have to go to their school of Evil where they as false teachers and true torturers »teach« us how to be good.

Evil beings can not teach us anything except Evil. We are Wonderful Beings of Love and that’s our natural State and Knowledge.

The karmicons limited our ability of Awareness of our true Identity and tricked us to believe that we are bad so they can torment us. Lucky us the false school is ending and soon we will have our paradise holydays of our true and wonderful Life.


Karmicons see others as ignorant, weak, inexperienced and bad. We have to improve through the School of hardship.

When we finish it we will be smart, strong, experienced and good, but only to 50%, because the other half is reserved for Evil. 

The truth is simple, Evil is unnecessary for the development. Life alone is enough. The idea of karmicons development through Evil is a big lie and heinous deception. If you accept it, they will dictate you what, when, how much and where. They will limit you, judge you, reward you (with slaveship), but mostly, punish you. It is the question who is judging the judges? Karmicons are judging others, who is judging them? 

The Karmic system had nothing to do with justice because you can not manage one injustice with another. Two injustices don’t make one justice. We can not justify one evil with another evil. One harm can’t repair another harm. Two harms don’t make one benefit. Just is right for all, karmicons is harmful to everybody. 

Usually, things start with one person, with his wish and need to become somebody or to get something. The prime motive of all of us is to become and get everything we want, now. And that is natural. Things can divert if a person wants that others must do everything he wants. That is not natural anymore, because he uses them to reach his goals and only his goals. Then he subordinates and abuses others and is becoming more and more violent. That’s how Evil works. 

People then divide to Important and Poor, to Masters and to slaves. Mastery becomes cynical and arrogant and they claim that the only meaning of the life of slaves is to serve Masters. All wishes and needs of slaves are fulfilled with serving to Masters:) They can be honored to be slaves. 

They present slavery as something privileged and special. They almost envy them:) Slaves are the chosen one, carefully picked individuals, the holy nation and specially chosen to serve Master. In fact, they are manipulated, devalued, subordinated and abused. 

The Karmicons system is even more perverted because they have a wish, need, urgency, addiction, possession, fascination, and fixation to enjoy in sadistic torturing of others. 

In all possible variations. Mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually, economically, politically, nationally… When people suffer enough, the Life is in balance. 

Evil itself is very banal. Banal as common but not unimportant. Usually, there is a wish that hasn’t been fulfilled. A girl didn’t look a boy or told him no and choose another one. The leftover disappointed in love and angry decided to vengeance and punish all women. And there is a serial killer on the loose. 

 The banality of Evil is so obvious and thin that nobody would fall for it the first karmicon hid it in the Karmic system and presented it as Spiritual School. He made up the mythological story of heroic growing up and heroism through martyrdom, fighting the challenges, war between Good and Evil. God and devil, sin and virtue and hell and heaven. All just that he would become the Boss and decide about the lives of others. 

Then he persuaded others into his personal drama masked as the system, organization, and school. Some jumped in right away because they want to subordinate to him, others subordinate to him because they wanted to subordinate others. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (9/12)


Dear friends,

the karmicons are so cynical that they even fabricated the law by which they can torture and torment us. They are falsely presenting themselves as our »legal« owners of our lives and forcing us with their stupidities.


Karmicons Law of Force 

Karmicons Law of cause and consequence is in fact Law of Force. Karmicons are presenting their law as Universal. They refer to a higher power, the »Creator«, and they use this power as a force for violence upon lowers. Firstly, with enforcing their false explanation of the World and Life. 

Existence is simultaneous so »legality« of Law of causes and consequences, good and bad karma is nonlegal and void.

Behind the mask of this false law is other »law«, SSSS + R. 

1. Surrender, to a higher power.  

2. Serve to superimposed, Master, Owner, Commander, god. 

3. Suffer, you will become a better man.  

4. Sacrifice for the higher good and to higher beings. That is what Master is cynically and sarcastically claims from the slave.

He despises him and respects only higher, stronger and more 

Important then him. While always looking for the right moment to sabotage them and jump over them. The one he fears, he envies him, slimes to him and gossips behind his back.

When the chance occur, he will stab him in the back and sit on his place. The same way that his predecessor got the same position:)  

5. Respect the Master. The slave must give himself and his life to Master, serve him, suffer for him and sacrifice for him. He must respect the Master because he gave him the chance to be his slave.  

Master is sarcastically mocking the slave and enjoys his suffering for him. He would never humble, so much. But that is just his idea because he is not aware that the same system is subordinating and humiliating him at the same time. Except that he feels better. Until the higher Master won’t squeeze him to.  

Master gave himself to the same system, and he is also a slave. He is sacrificing for the system and respects it. The only difference between him and his slave is that he doesn’t suffer. Master took all the fun for himself, so the slave must suffer for them both, says Božo. 

False school and real prison  

When you accept the rules of others, you give him your sovereignty and your right for deciding about your life. From now on, he will decide about you. In the Karmicons system, they will decide about your life and death, literally.

Karmicons decide where you will be born, to whom, when, how long you will live, what your parents will be like, about friends, wife or husband, limitations and diseases. And their favorite decision, how much you gonna suffer and how you die.  

We can see on Earth their idea of a perfect life. The common sadists that are deciding about our lives. Beings that endlessly enjoy in torturing other beings. And then enjoy even more lying about it and presenting their bloody orgy as School.  

The real school is for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between equivalent and equal beings. Karmicons »School« is with no real content and is a perfect example of a strict formal closed institution or simply prison.

In this prison, people are not learning and experiencing but they force them to obey and execute orders. In natural school, no one has the right to decide about life and death of participants, less alone to limit, subordinate and punish them.  

The karmicons School is a school as much as inquisition was law system. They presented them as the law system for punishing the unfaithful sinners and heretics. In fact, that was just the facade behind which the sadists were torturing people and enjoyed their immense suffering. 

Sadism and masochism are two ways for understanding, accepting and living Evil. It is possible to deny it, ignore it, normalize and banalize it as unimportant and therefore easily acceptable.

In the karmicons world with at least half of Evil, everybody meets unpleasantries and violence.

Some don’t know hot to get out of it and they think they can live in such a world only if they adapt and live with Evil.

One way of adaptation is to become sadist with an idea that is better to torment other than to be tormented. The masochists think if it has to hurt, let it be pleasurable:) Both are perverted* and in consent with karmicons explanation of Life. 

*Not in moral meaning. Perverted as the opposition of real and natural meanings of things where Evil is presented as Good, Lie as Truth, suffering as ecstasy.  

Karmicons write sadism and masochism in the scripts of the incarnants and they force them to live them. They want them to have pleasure with sadism in torturing others. Karmicons duplicate them to become like them. With masochism, they force people to enjoy in their torturing. They torment us and they want us to enjoy it.  

Awakening is the Way beyond Evil into the Pure Awareness. That is The way from karmicons mental, emotional and physical slaughterhouse.

With awakening and realizing our true identity as Beings of Pure The awareness we start the exit out of karma, lies, illusion, and Evil.

With awakening, we are not yet completely out of the karmicons Evil environment but we are very near. As awakened we will still live on Earth, but we will understand Evil. We won’t be doing it, supporting it and trying to deny or ignore it to lessen his impact. We will know it as it really is, unpleasant, harmful and painful expression of basic unawareness about the true identity of all unaware beings that are practicing and enjoying it, including karmicons. 

We will know that we can live without Evil because Life doesn’t need it. We will realize that karmicons are just common liars.  

Life needs no Teacher no Guru no Master no Owner and no one to teach it how to live. Life knows to live, and it does perfectly and naturally. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (10/12)


Dear friends,

Now, I will reveal the incarnation procedure. You will see how lying and deceiving are the karmicons.

With this revelation I started the demise of Evil Karmicons organization and allowed you to live as true, original and free Beings of Pure Awareness, and Beautiful Beings of Love and Wisdom. Forever.

Instead of who the flower blossoms, instead of who am I?  

In the consequential model of the Creator Absorbic Karmicons system higher beings go to live in lower worlds. Incarnants are aware of themselves through the whole pregnancy and they have full memory.

They know who they are, where they are from and why are they here. They don’t want to be here but they can’t do anything to stop it and to go home. They are entering and exiting the fetus and later baby. 

With their small energy body and consciousness in which is their personality they enter the baby for the last time at around one year. Karmicons then switch off their personality awareness and they go to sleep. In that moment and in the same conscious field of energy new personality starts to develop. That is the personality of a new person different from incarnant. Some characteristics they share, some are completely different. 

After the death of a man karmicons reverse the procedure and switch off personal awareness of the person who actually lived all and his own original life and they switch on the incarnants personality. Man dies for the second time and his life moves to the incarnants shell of Previous Lives.

They finish man, incarnant return to his world and live on. 

Until the new incarnation when they will force him again to »lend« his consciousness to another man. He will develop his personality in it and they will switch him off after the end of his life. That’s how karmicons are with forced incarnations literally creating and killing people. Hundred of billions.  

Let’s say Jack comes down and lends the consciousness to John. When John dies, they switch off his personality and they move it to Jack’s memory. Jack wakes up and lives his life on.  

That is the difference between subject and object. The subject, incarnant, lives longer and has more lives of other people in his cupboard of the Previous Lives. People, especially Earthlings who don’t incarnate, are for kamicons just an object and we have only one life. And even this one life is not our own because we are not the real beings for them.

They wrote the scripts for our life for incarnant, for the subject, and is their own, one of their Previous Lives.  

But, subject or object, in the consequential model and the Creator Absorbic Karmicons system we will all die at the end. Karmicons, too:)  

Darlings, family, and friends are waiting home for their people that were forced to go to incarnations. The only way they can return home is that we human in whom are they incarnated die.  

Only when we die and they switch our personalities off, they can switch on theirs. And only then they can return home. Not before our death. We have to die so they can live.  

There are billions and billions of beings waiting for our death. Almost 8 billions of fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, children, relatives and friends are waiting for this very moment for all of us to die so their darlings can come home.

They want them to come now. Now! Their love wishes for their people is a death wish for us. Their wish we die now is not personal to us but that is the only way that their darlings can return home.  

Instead of who the flower blossoms, instead of who am I?* And instead of who are you?

*song by Vlado Kreslin 

Those are the questions for us, people in the Karmicons system as only objects, live costumes, and probes for collecting experiences for other beings.  

Which life-time are we living right now, you and I while their darlings are waiting for them to come home? They are looking with one eye on the calendar and with another one the watch. How many times do they go every day to look in their room and a bed to see if they have returned? How many times would you go to check? To see if their darlings have awakened from the dreams of another life.  

How many of them want to hold their darling for the hand, hug him and kiss him? How many are there waiting for us to die right now so their two can come home? 

The same way that these one want us to die so their darlings can return home there are others one floor above them that wish the same for the waiting ones below them because their darlings are incarnated in them! They also want them back but first, those under them that are already waiting for theirs have to die.

And so it goes floor after floor after floor, up, up and up. In all the floors of the Karmicons system. And there are hundreds and hundreds of floors on billions of planets. 

Funny, they are waiting for karmicons, who are enforcing this system, too:) 

All that are living in the Karmicons system are waiting for the death of lowers. This cosmos is one big waiting room of Death in which all wait that somebody will die. Above the Karmic system start Absorbic system with the same model in which higher beings devour lowers.

With the exception they don’t just wait for lowers to die, they will kill them themselves. After that, the first »god« or the highest being in this cosmos will devour all absorbers, too. They call it »to become One with god«. 🙂 Or simply, suicide by god:)  

It is very important, beneficial and urgent that we become aware of the simple truth of Existence, Pure Awareness, Life and ourselves and change the consequential model into simultaneous one and finish the CREator Absorbic Karmicons system and stay alive. Our Reality is Simultaneity. In Simultaneity, we can live forever. 

We want to live. We can see that Life wants to live even if it is really hard. But we want to live differently. We want to live natural as subjects, equivalent, equal and sovereign beings.  

We will live and nobody will wait for our death for their darlings to come home. We are all Beings of Pure Awareness and wonderful beings of Love and Wisdom. We have all the rights to live exactly as we wish and wisely act for the benefits of all.  

Until now we were just bodies, objects and live costumes for the incarnants. We were just probes for collecting experiences for other beings. We were just specimens for experiments. We were just live dolls for karmicons bloody orgies and their sadistic torturing. When they finished with us they finished us and throw us away.  

We are closing now the Creator Absorbic Karmic system of Evil and living naturally. In simultaneous mode, we co-exist at the same time and are all direct streams of Life.

We are all original, equivalent, equal and we have the right to be sovereign and decide about our lives. In the Reality of Simultaneously, we are all subjects and real beings.

No one lives for another and no one is Master or slave to another. Each is living his own life and we all together live Life. In Peace, Friendship, and Love. Forever. 

To be continued.


The Karmicons Series (11/12)


Dear friends, the karmicons fabricated the karma as artificial currency for false endebtment and forceful pay-off of imaginary debts.

We, completely free of charge, have to pay them for unknown persons from other planets. We are paying them with pains and suffering and at the end with our life, too.

Karma is just a word  

The Karmicons system is false because the consequential model of the world is not true. The Karmicons system is impossible because it’s not possible to digitally precisely mathematically balance different acts of different people. It is arbitrary as the karmicons made up their karma decisions; they add it or remove it, as they wish.

That’s why it’s not fair. Same as the legal system on Earth it’s not about the justice but executing the Law of Force, violence and punishing revenge.

The Karmicons system is not fair because it’s not beneficial for all. A system that is not beneficial to all collapses sooner or later. We don’t need it for personal development because all experiences are equal. They differ only by the simple fact, are they beneficial to our goal or not. And, of course, we have the right to decide how we want to live.

The karmicons are intruders and parasites. We can live without them much better than with them.

The Karmicons system is very violent, harsh and unpleasant. Especially to us humans is very devaluating, humiliating and destructive as it sees us as objects for collecting the experiences for higher beings. And as producers of negative energy which they feed on.

The karmic system is murderous and suicidal. With killing others it will kill itself at the end. it’s not interesting nor funny. And it doesn’t look well, either:)

Karma is just a word and just one of the many different explanations of the meaning of Life. there are other explanations that are more beneficial for humans and other beings. For example, the explanation of the natural Life which is not changing It to something else that is not. Life is Life.

Božo, implant in me, said you can never repay or balance karma and get rid of it because karma is not something you do or you do differently. The karmicons do the karma for others. And they do it by telling some words. That is true, they just say some words and karma is bigger, smaller, transferred to other person or wiped out.  

Acts and facts remain the same, they only change the description. Karma is not an exact science because it is completely arbitrary. About karma are deciding beings that are very unstable and strongly imbalanced:) Today they could add karma to somebody, tomorrow they could wipe it out completely.

»Wiping out the karma« is just an expression because they can not wipe the concrete acts which are and will stay in Existence forever. You can eradicate nothing in Existence because is Energy cannot be destroyed.

Everything remains the same, karmicons just say something and then they think things have changed. They are so ignorant they even believe themselves. 

The karmicons with intentional and scripted deaths kill only singular lives because they can’t kill the Life. Life lives and that it’s Its fundamental and eternal truth. They can kill others and on the long run them, as well, but Life will survive Its own killers.

Karmicons game is a play with life and death in which at the end die all, creators and players.  

That’s why we change consequential model to simultane and end the Karmicons system forever. In the new and natural model, we will live as real beings, subjects, equivalent, equal and sovereign.  

How to change the old model into the new? Same as everything. We decide different, release old and accept new. And how to decide? We just say from now on we will live differently and then we live like that.  

We live so nobody will have to die for others to live. Awake and ascend. With awakening, we become aware that we are Beings of Pure Awareness and wonderful beings of Love and Wisdom.

With ascension, we change our physical bodies to light bodies and expand our awareness. Ascended we keep our personal identity and we live on as light beings.  

In simultaneous mode, we will live naturally. We will have young, healthy and beautiful bodies, all possible abilities and activated all our talents. In Peace and Love, we will live with our darlings, families, friends, and neighbors.

We won’t grind for survival and selfish benefit for the elite but create for fun and benefit for all. We will play, sing, dance, shout and laugh forever. 

Dear Palkies, here I am alive* from the book Letters to Palkies in which I present to Earthlings our wonderful planet and wonderful beings with whom we are ending the Karmicons system of Evil. We are very close to become fully sovereign.

Earthlings are still suffering under this Evil but with this book and good news it brings are coming better times for them, too. They are reading Letters to Palkies as science fiction, fantasy, and utopia. If they would know what you know they would read it as a fantastic reality:) 

Dear friends, enjoy your new bodies, Peace, Friendship, and Love. I wish that the Earthlings will live like you soon, too. 

All the best for all. 


*I added this message in the book Letters to Palkies for Earthlings. All channeled messages in the past, parts of the old testament, text for Koran and a new-age flood of karmicons channeled lies were coming to Earth. Now is the first time that somebody from the Earth is sending messages to another planet. This time the messages are true, friendly and benevolent. The Good News. 

To be continued.

The Karmicons Series (12/12)


Dear friends,

this is the last part of the Karmicons series.

We will soon close their false school and real prison as we did on planet Palki.

All Palkies have got a new, healthy, young and beautiful bodies in September and October 2018. They’ve got a lot of other fantastic gifts, too.

You can read about them in a series of books »Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet«. You will get all the wonderful gifts, as well. I wish it would be today.


The Karmicons system is no school as they falsely present their slaughterhouse. A real school is a place or environment in which all benevolently share their knowledge and experiences and they together create and develop new ideas.

It is the school for equivalent, equal and sovereign being.  

Nobody has the right to subordinate, control, judge and grade or punish others. There are no grades in a real school. All are developing to the degree they want to. Everybody can come whenever he wants and go when he wants. They create all programs in agreement with participants. 

Our space friends will soon open all Palkies many mental and emotional abilities, perfect memory, too. They will naturally memorize everything they read so there will be no need to memorize it. They will have photo and video memory and they will be able to review all photos and videos from the past. Another very useful ability is perfect visualization for creating in imagination in real time.

They will have perfect emotional memory as well and they will be able to review and feel all experiences from the past as if they were happening right now. 

 Karmicons »school« has nothing to do with personal, family and planetary development. Evil doesn’t develop but decay. Evil is harming, destroying and killing. The intention of Evil is not development, but destruction.  

Don Juan told Castaneda that our planet is a farm in which the Flyers are breeding us like chickens. 

The Karmicons system is not the school but the big restaurant for the feast of Evil beings. All that are working in the karmicons hierarchy are their cooks and waiters. They take care that their Masters have enough food.

Evil scripts for incarnations are full of limitations, diseases, harms, poverty, violence, torture and deaths and are menus for the karmicons.

Suffering people who are producing negative energy of fear, pain, despair, anger, sadness, and violence is their food.  

We finished this bloody Evil orgy on Palki, we will end it on Earth, too. I invite you all to cooperate and awaken with exercises for awakening. Release all harmful behavior with which you are producing negative energy and feed karmicons Evils. 

And in the end, there is no End.


With this article we finished the Karmicons series.

Series are very popular:), so I will publish the 1. part of the new series »Where are Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan today?« in which I will compare the old Toltec system for transformation to a light body and my model of awakening. And at the end, I will reveal where are Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan today.

If you want to know more about the karmicons and the future of the Earth read my new book “Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet”. You can get it on Amazon.

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All the best for all.


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