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Letters to Palkies is the title of the book series about the miracles that are coming to Earth.

You will be very happy to know that you are wonderful Being of Pure Awareness, Love and Wisdom.

You will finally learn that the reason that 99% of you are struggling with your life is living in the karmicons prison.

Our galaxy, solar system, and the planet are under the occupation of Evil beings from Creator Absorbic Karmic system. They are using and abusing us for energetic food.

I will show you the way out of this Evil system and organization.

You will be very surprised when you find out that you have an incarnant, a being from another planet in you and that we have to pull it out from you before you die so you can live forever.


In the book, you will read how I met my girlfriend Sanja from planet Palki in dreams and how we become a super couple living at two different planets.

You will learn the basics of lucid dreaming and a way to find the information about your incarnant in your dreams.

In four Letters to Palkies in the first book that I wrote to my friends on planet Palki you will learn about exercises for awakening, the Existence and the difference between the consequential and simultane model of Life.

You will see how we with our on the planet team and with our space friends ended the Karmicons organization on planet Palki.

The karmicons were forcefully incarnating Palkies, mostly to Earth, for thousands of years. Today they are free and they don’t incarnate anymore.

All Palkies have got new, young, healthy and beautiful bodies and a lot more of wonders and miracles.

You will get them, too:)

With the book series Letters to Palkies, we are starting the movement to free the Earth from the Karmic occupation.

In the book, I invite you to Partnership for awakened Earth to create a new model of natural and nice life for all, together.

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